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Packaging Klaten
Feb 29 2020

Packaging Klaten – PT Putra Nugraha Sentosa is a company engaged in commercial packaging and printing with high-speed machines.

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Catalog – 1 Box Hardboard

Here we will discuss one of the types of paper and its uses, namely hardboard paper.

Maybe some of you don’t know what hardboard paper is, but if you hear the following terms, you definitely know what hardboard paper is. Yes, because hardboard paper has other names such as paperboard, foam paper, chipboard, and yellow board.

Hardboard paper has characteristics such as a dark brown color, the nature of the paper is stiff, hard, and thick. The thickness of the hardboard paper is the same as cardboard.

The uses of hardboard paper are many, such as, to make thick bound invitation cards which are usually coated with fancy paper materials (such as jasmine, aquerello, dunhill paper), making hardcover book covers (such as dictionaries, photo albums, and other hardcovers), used as a bulletin board.

Hardboard paper can also be used as a substitute for plywood because the price is much more affordable, but when compared to plywood, hardboard paper has the disadvantage that when exposed to water it will be easily damaged because of the basic material of the hardboard paper. In addition, it is usually used as a pattern for packaging boxes so that the results are more sturdy.

Because it has a thick surface, the paper can be used to make a sitting calendar that is usually placed on a table.

Hardboard paper is adapted to its use, for example, if it is used for making boards, use a thicker hardboard, and vice versa for making hardcovers, use a hardboard that is not too thick.

The picture above is an example of a box hardboard with the following materials and sizes:

Size : 25x18x4 cm
Material : Krafliner + Black Linen + Greyboard

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