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Dus Makanan
Jan 27 2021

Dus Makanan Custom, Box Makanan Custom – PT Putra Nugraha Sentosa is a company engaged in commercial packaging and printing with high-speed machines.

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Dus Makanan is a box made of various types of raw materials, it can be made of wood, plastic, leaves or cardboard made with various shapes, various images, various colors, and sizes used.

This box serves as a food storage area. Food boxes are also known as “lunch boxes” because they are generally used for lunch storage.

In ancient times, the first lunch box was made by people using only leaves to wrap their food. The leaves used are usually banana leaves or teak leaves. Then in Japan, the lunch box is a small wooden box that is wrapped again using a piece of cloth. This is used so that the food in the box does not spill. But now, the lunch box has become a box with a rubber cover on it, making it easier for people such as mothers, office workers, and especially children who are at school to carry their lunch without worrying about spilling it.

Abroad, usually people use a slightly large box which is usually used for picnics. The box can be opened from both sides and is generally made of woven bamboo. The box can not only carry food but also drink bottles. In general, the food in the lunchbox contains sandwiches, rice and side dishes, and fruit.

Here we will discuss food boxes made of paper / cardboard, Paper material for lunch boxes is an economical material, and tends to be more environmentally friendly. The paper used for lunch boxes also varies, namely: Duplex, Kraft, Ivory, and Greaseproof for oil-resistant paper.

Now we come with various forms of variants and sizes of food boxes, all of which you can get and trust us.

The picture above is an example of a Food Boxes with the following materials and sizes:

Size : 17 x 12 x 6 cm
Material : Duplex + Deep Lamination

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